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PostSubject: Power Chart   Power Chart I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 3:51 pm

Wheeler High School RP Power Chart

• Cloning:
o Define: The ability to create multiple identical bodies at will
o Clones:
 People in their own right
 Same general abilities and memories as core unless programmed to be otherwise
 Some have new abilities or intelligence, depending on how developed they are
 After taking too much damage, they are reabsorbed into the nearest host body
 The stronger they are, the more like separate people they are
 Clones can make and reabsorb their own clones
o Limit:
 Only five clones may independent at once
 Some of the more powerful clones can override weaker clones
 Core traits remain, but anything else can be changed
 Clones can possibly turn on their creator
o Other: There is no one ‘true’ person. All clones after a certain level of power and degree of separation are like natural born people
o WARNING: Extensive use of strong clones will give them free will. They will remain separate from the mind even once reabsorbed
o Note: Katherine already has clones KA1 (Amy), KA2 (Sammy), KA3 (Lilith), KA4 (Kayden), KA5 (Tom), and KA6 (Rage) existing as more or less separate.
o Warning: This is an obvious power. Keep it hidden

• Hydrokenesis:
o Define: The ability to control water
o Strengths:
 Drowning others
 You will never be thirsty
 You can dehydrate others
 When mixed with Pyrokinesis, a powerful combination
o Weakness: Susceptible to fire and ice

• Mind Control:
o Define: The ability to plant thoughts and ideas into someone’s mind
o Strength:
 Controlling anyone weak minded
 Can project post-hypnotic suggestions
 During times of great stress or trauma, or when combined with old fashioned mind control or hypnosis, you can completely control a person
 After a while of being under, someone’s core traits can even be eroded
o Weakness:
 Cannot be used on those with powers unless above conditions are in play
 Cannot be used on strong willed people unless above conditions are in play
 It runs the risk of permanently destroying others
o Warning:
 Erodes sanity, as it makes you wonder if you yourself are perhaps under another’s control
 Erodes moral values

• Mind Reading:
o Define: the ability to know what others are thinking
o Strength:
 Know school answers
 Determine lies
 Know all current thoughts
 See memories
 Know the weakness of those around you
 Know how to manipulate people
o Weakness:
 Can only know what they currently remember
 Can’t tell you what thoughts are true or just mistaken or part of a story
 May wear on your own personality
o Warning: make sure not to listen to too many minds at once

• Teleportation:
o Define: the ability to change location instantly
o Strengths:
 Dodging attacks
 Distance is not an issue
 Buy travel time
o Weaknesses:
 Must be able to visualize location
 Must be physically able to fit in said location
o Warning: this is a very obvious power. Be careful not to be discovered

• Time Control:
o Define: the ability to slow or increase the rate of time
o Strength:
 Slowing time to dodge attacks
 Slowing time to attack others
 Slowing time to not be late to class
o Weakness:
 You will never have a normal perception of time again
 You may frequently lose track of time and not understand it when you need to
o Warning:
 If there are any immunes around, they WILL notice you messing with time
 It might be hard to get back into position after slowing down time
 When speeding up time, you may miss things that occur
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Power Chart
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