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Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted

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Johnston, Stephen replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:23 AM:
It was 6:50 am. It was way to early for anyone to ever wake up, but Drake woke up anyway, he needed breakfast, or it would be a long, hungry day. Quickly putting on deoderant and changing, he started towards to door. He was tired; it would be a long day. Hopefully that wouldn't be prophetic.
exit to cafeteria

Zhu, Chichi replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 1:46 AM:
Day 1
6:35 AM

Heath jolted awake from his shaky bed. In his dream, he saw himself. He'd been onstage. The stage was bright, it was beautiful. The curtains were of soft velvet, framing the wood on either side. There were small plants lining the bottom. It overlooked a huge crowd. Suddenly, all lights went out but one amazing, glorifying spotlight on him and only him. Watching from the back of the audience, Heath saw himself lift his fingers to pluck a chord. Perfection. And another, and another. Finally, the melancholy acoustic song ended, and the crowd just sat. Shocked faces and dropped jaws poured in from every direction. The offstage Heath nearly fainted. What was wrong with the gaping crowd? Then he turned again. The onstage Heath's guitar was shattered, and the boy himself was sobbing on the floor and screaming. Piercing screams... Heath was suddenly onstage and only onstage.

He felt surrounded. Suffocated. Who the fuck are all these people? "Get the hell away! GO AWAY!" He sobbed and wondered why. The onstage Heath screamed and screamed, and was suddenly singing again. Sitting on the floor, singing?

This is when Heath woke. Still shuddering at the thought of having another swing onstage, he hobbled to the showers. In and out faster than lightning, Heath headed toward the dining hall


Cheung, Martin replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 2:15 AM:
Day 1
6:30 AM

Though the attendant had come through and unlocked the doors thirty minutes ago, Ethan had not woken up until now. Why do so? He didn't need a whole hour to prepare for the day, so he might as well get some extra sleep, he reasoned. But at 6:30 exactly, Ethan sat up, as he did every day, and dressed before walking down the hall to the bathrooms. There, he did his business, took a brief shower with lukewarm water, and brushed his teeth. His hair was already short enough, thanks to an overly-enthusiastic orderly who had practically shaved his head a couple weeks ago, so he didn't need to comb it down. Once finished, Ethan studied himself in the slightly grimy mirror. An boy of average height, though slightly more slender than the other boys surrounding him. Dark brown hair that was cropped close to his scalp contrasted to his light grey eyes that stared out at the mirror. "Hey! Move out of the way," one of the older boys snapped, and roughly bushed Ethan out of the way, his brief reverie broken. He stumbled for a second on the slippery tile floor, but righted himself before he fell onto the tea-green mosaic floor. Ethan didn't care much, as it wouldn't help to fight another patient. The Institute was strict about limiting anger and aggressiveness to each other. Besides, attracting attention to himself would decrease his chances of survival. The shriek of the morning whistle alerted him of the time, and Ethan folded up his blankets neatly to the side of the bed before exiting the dorms.

[Exit to Dining Hall]

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 7:29 PM:
Day 1
6:55 AM

Dennis had woken up an hour earlier, when the attendant had first come through and opened the dormitory doors. But in that time, he had just lay in bed, wishing to be suddenly rescued by his mother, or perhaps his oldest brother, from the Institute and finally he would be free. That was just a useless daydream though, and Dennis had already given up on being quickly released from the asylum as he had first hoped several months ago. With five minute left before the cafeteria opened, Dennis rushed into the bathroom, empty as most boys had already started down towards the dining hall. He attempted to smooth down his unruly black hair, only half-succeeding, and then returned to his room, putting on dark jeans and a plain black shirt to match.

[Exit to Dining Hall]
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