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Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted

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Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:13 AM:
Day 1
6: 00 AM

A loud clang resounds through the hallway as the doors unlock. Elaine's dark brown eyes slit open as her door is opened, letting in a flood of light. The attendent glances into the room, making sure she is awake, before moving on to the next cell. Slowly, Elaine sits up, red hair falling infront of tired eyes. She blinks, trying to reconnect her foggy mind to her body. For a moment, all she can see is flames, all she can feel is heat, all she can smell is heavy smoke. Her mouth opens to scream before she shudders.


Lexi walks out the door and into the hallway, raking her fingers wearily through the hair. She can still feel Elaine at the back of her mind, a presence of fear hidden in Lexi's usual relaxed nature. Lexi begins to chew her lip as she slows her pace, nearing the cafeteria. It has been three weeks since the fire that changed their lives, and Elaine still can't seem to understand that it's over. Their parents are dead, their house gone, and they are stuck in an asylum because of Elaine's failure to grasp reality. The papers claim it was Amy's suicidal intentions that had them locked up, but Elaine's deep depression was what had caused Amy to think that being dead would be better for them. The problem was Amy's inability to communicate with anyone other than Elaine, really. If she had been willing to listen to the others, she would have quickly seen that none of the others were half as upset as Elaine made them out to be, and they really weren't ready to die.

Sighing, Lexi entered the shower area. Luckily, she was one of the first ones up. There was no need to worry about being seen naked. Most people were still in bed, and even those up probably wouldn't be going to the female shower area. Usually, the patients could shower in their own bathrooms, but Amy was still on suicide watch, and the rest of the system with her. It was annoying, especially since Lexi was a firm believer in life and would never hurt herself. She was actually a pretty happy go lucky person. Stupid Amy, wrecking it for the rest of them!

Laughing at the absurdity of it all, Lexi quickly stripped down and stepped into the shower. There was a female attendant watching her, of course, but Lexi had gotten mostly used to it. That was why she was the one to bathe here.

Lexi took her time, taking a long, scalding half hour shower. Luckily, the attendant wasn't like some of the stricter staff who would consider the hot water self harm. It wasn't, Lexi just liked using hot water to wake up, especially in a caffiene free environment. Alas, poor coffee, how she missed it!

Lexi stepped out of the shower area, drying herself with one of the fluffy towels. She slipped into a uniform and jogged back to their room. She'd let Jewels handle the primping.


Jewels quickly brushes their hair and straightens their clothes, turning every which way and observing everything before finally deciding that yes, they are presentable. And the whistle blows and it is time for breakfast.

::Exit to Dining Hall::

Zhu, Chichi replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 1:22 AM:

Day 1
5:30 AM

Aramatha opened her eyes at the first glimpse of light. She rolled over and sighed. Another day at this shitty school with all of the creepy classmates. Shuddering at the thought of seeing people whom she did not trust made the girl's heart drop to her stomach. Strolling around the room, she looked something to cut with. The school'd done a great job of confiscating every sharp object she had down to her favorite hairpin, as well as all paperclips and sticks of wood. The steel bed in the corner she'd just stepped off of looked good. Lifting an arm, she rammed it with full force down onto the footboard.

Satisfied with the injury, she stepped into her dorm room's shower. As an accomplished poet, Aramatha passed time composing couplets. Turning the water to its highest possible heat (which the Institute had kept quite low so she couldn't heat pins to burn herself with), she sank into a reverie of words.

An enclosing hole that suffocates the mind,
The soul, the heart, and the rest of mankind.

I wake to see the red light,
Of a hell that slumbers through the night.

Senseless and boring, these silly rhymes swam about the showers. Aramatha giggled and composed one more:

Her cadaver rots, it stinks and reeks.
Wafts of fresh air bring flies about for weeks.

Chuckling darkly, she dressed swiftly and headed out of the room


Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 1:41 AM:
Day 1
6:00 AM

The doors clanked open. Time to wake up. Get up. Time to wake up. Dreams shattered. Time for reality. Jennie stayed in bed. Her head hurt everything hurt. Her stomach hurt. Her throat hurt. Her legs hurt. It hurt between her legs. Between her legs. Flicker. A man, a father, leering down at her. Flicker. Kicking her, smashing a beer bottle into her head, her stomach, hurting between her legs. Pain. Everwhere, growing, constantly growing, never ending. Jennie began to feel sick. She jumped up, running to the bathroom. She didn't make it. She collapsed onto the floor, puking onto the rim of the toilet. Her stomach heaved again before settling. Jennie rested her forehead against the cool toilet lid, closing her eyes. Breathing. In through her nose, our through her mouth. In and out. Again and again. It helped. Even if only a little, it did help. Jennie forced herself up, gripping the ledge hard. She swayed on her feet, but she was on her feet. She lumbered into the shower, still dressed, and turned the water on full blast. She didn't try to clean, just stood in the shower, clensing herself. She didn't look at her body. Knew she wouldn't like what she saw, couldn't like what she saw. She was ugly, fat, terrible. She was lucky her father liked her. No one else ever could. No one would ever love her. Jennie didn't mind. she was ugly. No one loved ugly girls.

The whistle blew. Breakfast time. Jennie exited the shower, forcing herself to change quickly. Don't look in the mirror, don't look in the mirror, don'tlookdon'tlookdontlookdontlookdontlook! In the new uniform, the clean uniform. Out of the shower. Clean. Clean but still dirty. Always dirty. A dirty girl. Shivering, Jennie stumbled out of her room and towards the dining hall to pretend to eat.

::exit to dining hall::

Cheung, Martin replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 2:02 AM:
Day 1
6:00 AM

The slamming of steel awoke Elektra, who groaned grumpily and sat up. She sat up on her cot and sourly attempted to straighten her rumpled clothes for the attendant. She felt so tired ... Elektra yawned, then snapped her mouth shut as the attendant past, the woman glaring into the rooms as she passed. Ruse done with, Elektra collapsed back onto her bed, covering her face with the pillow. The itchy material of the pillow scratched against her face, and the dense stuffing only made the pillow smother her even more. With a groan of annoyance, Elektra threw the pillow across the room, where it fell down the opposite wall to slump on the floor. She glared at it heavily, daring it to respond. It didn't. "Good," thought Elektra, and she yawned again, lying down on her bed and covering herself once again with the thin blankets.

6:55 AM

Elektra finally got up almost an hour later, tiredly shuffling down the hall and into the bathroom, where she groggily brushed her teeth, rinsed, and spit out the water into the sink. A quick shower on full blast, which wasn't that powerful considering the Institute's paranoia regarding self injury, turned all the way down, as cold as it could get, woke Elektra up promptly. She didn't enjoy pain the way other patients did, but a little shock never hurt anyone, did it? Properly woken up at last, Elektra washed her face and brushed her unruly hair down acceptably. She was admiring her attempts in the mirror, when the whistle blew, it's shrill note piercing throughout the dorms. "Oh crap," Elektra thought, hurriedly shoving the few possessions she had into their places, and skidding out of the dormitory entrance. You didn't want to be caught disobeying the schedule. Elektra prized her priveleges (and well-being too).

[Exit to Dining Hall]

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 6:11 PM:
<Day 1
Enter from Hallways>

Tom walked over to the entrance of the area containing the Girl's Dorm Rooms. He shifted uncomfortably. He was a male, after all, and didn't exactly feel completely comfortable looking into girls' rooms. Yes, Elaine was a girl, but she had no roommates. Tom never had to worry about seeing anything that might be awkward for the female to deal with. After a moment, he sighed, shifting his weight. No, he was not going to start spying now.

"Anyone up for checking people's rooms for so called dangerous objects?" he whispered. No one was around, he figured, and it really was easier to communicate out loud.

"... Maybe I could try?" Tom stiffened. He had been expecting Lexi. But then, she had taken quite a bit of time this morning and never had been big on work. But why did Jewel want to help?

"I almost never get time out," she pouted, "you all always try to restrain me." Tom sighed. Someone was coming, and he didn't feel like arguing.

Jewel grinned, straightening their clothes. She glanced up at Judith, looking slightly dissapointed.

"Hi!" Judith grinned. Annoyed now, Jewel simply nodded, leaning back against the wall.
Reuben, Katherine replied on Thursday, April 07, 2011 at 11:55 PM:
Lexi straightened back, sighing. They had finally finished examining all of the rooms. Not a single thing had been suspicious, Judith had about talked their ears off, Jewel had gotten tired and switched out halfway through, and the third girl had simply never shown. What a tiring chore...

Shaking her head, Lexi tried to pep up. At least she had school next. Tom and Helen both loved learning. They agreed with the saying that 'knowledge was power,' and they hated being weak. Well, Tom did, at least. Helen had no emotions. She was simply logic. So... maybe she couldn't hate anything?

Lexi shrugged, skipping back to the entrance of the girl's dorms.

"Nothing suspicious!" she chirped. Beside her, Judith nodded, agreeing with her.

"Nothing at all?" a gaurd questioned suspiciously.

"Nope, nothing!" Inwardly, Lexi stuck out her tongue at him, and Baby giggled quietly. The gaurd glared at them, though, of course, he couldn't see what they really thought of him. He grudgingly gestured to them to go fowards, so onward they went. Judith had joined Lexi in skipping now, and both girl's lightly journeyed to their Language Art's class.
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