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 Therapy Rules

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PostSubject: Therapy Rules   Therapy Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 2:25 pm

Group Therapy Rules
Let's get one thing straight, about our little mental ward:
Group Therapy is a privilege, not a right. Follow the rules here and everything will be fine. All actions have consequences.

Who can Run Group Therapy
Group therapies can be run by the following people:
All therapists can run group therapies without certification. Medical staff, Rec Centre Staff and teachers are allowed to become certified to run group sessions by requesting a therapist sit in on their first session, the staffer requesting the right to run group sessions must wait for approval before they can run a subsequent sessions.

Security and grounds staff do not run group therapy as they cannot be certified.

Group therapy sessions cannot last more then 2 hours.
Individual therapy session can last no more than 1 hour.

Paperwork Requirements
All facilitators of group therapy are required to put notes into the files of participating students, they have 72 hours to do so and are prohibited from running subsequent sessions until they do. A therapist certifying a teacher or member of medical staff has to immediately fill out a certification stamp at soon as the session ends, or face a Group therapy ban until they do so.

Students can attend no more than 1 GT a day, Players with multiple students are asked to consider limiting themselves to no more than 2 GT's a day
Group Facilitators may run no more then 2 session a day.

Participant Cap
No more than 6 students in Group session. 10 students may be allowed only on Sundays.

Facilitators are expected to put up notes within a timely manner after a group session. Facilitators will be three days (72hrs) to do so before they are sanctioned.
Note Therapists/Psych Staff who are behind in Group therapy notes can still run Individual therapy sessions. The restriction only applies to Group therapy notes.

Expected Behavior for Participants and Facilitators.

Group facilitators are expected to be Mature, Respectful and Sober during a Group session. Remember; as Facilitator you set the pace for group. If you act ridiculous, the kids will feed off that energy and act accordingly.

You ALWAYS have to wait until the person running the GT opens the session.
You must be Respectful, to your facilitator and fellow participants. Non disruptive. You are not allowed to strike, leer, molest, intimidate or otherwise make other participants uncomfortable. Obviously you are not allowed to do any of these things to the facilitator.

On Student interaction
All Freshman know/have seen all other Freshman
All Sophomores know/have seen all other Sophomores
All Juniors know/have seen all other Juniors
All Seniors know/have seen all other Seniors

This is still a highschool, and you share all core classes with people in your same year. Please do not act like you've never seen another sophomore when you've been in the same classrooms for 6 months.
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Therapy Rules
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