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Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted

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Day 1 - (second period)
[Enter from SS]

Dennis stopped at the doorway of the culinary arts classroom. He pulled on the uniform, the stupid culinary arts uniform. He thought everyone looked ridiculous in the too-large chef's coat and the weird striped pants, not to mention the uncomfortable rubber shoes. At least his hair was cropped short and he could avoid putting a hair net on his head as some of the other boys did, grumbling reluctantly. You'd think they'd get used to it after doing the same routine for over a year, but it was just as annoying as it was the first day of Culinary Arts.

He dropped his backpack next to his desk and pushed it underneath with the toe of his sneakers. Dennis rinsed his hand in warm water, wiping them dry with the rough brown paper towels the school provided. Then he turned on the sink he was assigned to, the hot water pouring into the sink basin. He turned it off after the water reached 2/3rds of the way up the side of the sink. Bubbles rose to the surface from the soap he had added as Dennis wiped his hands cleaned with the towel he got out, along with a washcloth.

His culinary art partner sidled over cooly, his hands in his pockets. Xavier had put on the hair net as requested, but some of his long black hair poked out from underneath, and one strand fell across one of his eyes. He blew on the rebellious hair, but it simply fell back in front of his eye. Xavier gave up. The slim, almost fragile boy had serious mood swings. Sometimes he might be lively and up to his chin in crazy antics, but often enough, he entered phases of deep depression, becoming sulky, hostile, and brooding.

"Hey, Xavier," said Dennis in greeting. "You ready for some cooking?" he asked, faking enthusiasm. "Yeah. I love cooking. It's the best thing in the world." Xavier answered in a monotonous voice. Dennis hesitated, unsure if his moody friend was being sarcastic to be funny, or because he was depressed. A slow smile spread on Xavier's face. "Come on, man. I hate this class. You know it. So what're we doing today?"

"No idea," responded Dennis, relieved. He jerked his head towards the teacher. "As usual we're expected to do everything ourselves and I'm too lazy to go and check the recipe on the wall." Xavier stared at him for several seconds. "And what? You want me to go and check for you?" He scowled briefly, then sighed. "I wouldn't do it for anyone but you, okay?" The dark haired boy brushed wayward strands of hair away with one hand, and sauntered over to the recipe wall.

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