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PostSubject: Instructions   Instructions I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 1:04 pm

For Culinary Arts Students
If you are a Culinary Arts Student, you have been given the following Uniform Set. You are expected to wear this outfit, which should be clean, to Every Cooking Lab.

Two (2) White Chef's Coat with "The Hadley Institute." Embroidered over the pocket.
Design for Boys Coat:
Design for Girls Coat:
Two (2) Pair of Pants for both boys and girls:
Two (2) Pair of Shoes for both boys and girls:

Conduct & Expectations
Never Waste Food.
Respect your classmates and instructor.
Do not play with knives. they may be plastic but the privilege will be revoked is you abuse it.
When in doubt ask, there are no stupid questions.

Supply List
One (1) Composition Notebook (for Notetaking)
One (1) index card box (For Holding Recipes)
One (1) Set of 100 Lined Index Cards (For Recipes)
One (1) Set of 6 Pens that must include: Black, Red and Blue.
One (1) Bandanna, any color, and a Hairnet. If your hair reaches the collar of your shirt it must be netted or tied back regardless of gender, no arguments.

Cooking Day Checklist
You are expected to do this without prompting Every Cooking Day:

0. Change into your CA Uniform.
1. Pull back hair (at doorway)
2. Put backpacks, jackets, etc. under tables
3. Wash hands and dry with paper towels
3. Fill sinks with HOT, soapy water for dishwashing. Get out 2 of each: towels, washcloth, and potholders
4. Preheat oven
5. Review and Clip recipe(s) up on wall
6. Mis En Place!
6a. Get out all utensils at the same time!
6b. Measure ingredients
7. Dishwasher cleans as dishes are dirtied
8. Prepare dish, follow all cooking and safety guidelines
9. Taste and critique dishes. Be CONSTRUCTIVE in Criticism.
10. Return recipes to side counter or to your individual recipe box
11. Put all uneaten foods into the fridge, turn off all stoves and ovens, return knives to Chef
12. Clean Kitchen
13. Have Chef check kitchen
14. Know your terminology
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