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Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted

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Cheung, Martin replied on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 2:48 AM:
Day 1 - 9:07 (first period)
[Enter from Front Office]

Social studies stretches on, seemingly forever. The teacher drones on and on, drowning the students in useless information and meaningless facts. In the margin of his notebook, Dennis doodles a stick figure ninja fighting with another stick figure. He doesn't bother taking notes, knowing that every word falling from the teacher's mouth is straight from the textbook. Usually Dennis spent the class daydreaming and scrawling pictures in his "notes." At last, the bell rings and the desperate students pour out of the stuffy social studies room and into the hallway.

Day 1 - (second period)
[Exit to Culinary Arts]

Cheung, Martin replied on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 9:35 PM:
Day 1 - 10:47 (2nd period)
[Enter from Math]

By the time Ethan reached social studies, he was pale and sweating. His mouth was tightly shut so he wouldn't vomit, and he clutched his binders so hard that the cardboard began to bend. When he sat down at his desk, he put his head down to rest on his arms and closed his eyes. The social studies teacher who taught the sophomores was a cruel younger woman who had no sympathy. If she showed any, it was a ploy to get rid of you, or to manipulate others to her will. Her name was Miss Gates.

"Ethan. Sit up. Show respect to your teacher." Her voice was harsh and grating in his ears and Ethan had to resist the urge to plug them. Slowly, he straightened up in his chair. He licked his dry lips nervously and looked at Miss Gates. She still stood there staring at him and tapping her finger against her folded arms. "Well? Isn't there something you need to say?"

"I'm sorry Miss Gates," he whispered. She raised an eyebrow. "And?" Ethan swallowed. "And I will show more respect to you in the future." His voice was slightly raspy since his throat was so parched. "That's better." Miss Gates smiled icily. Then she frowned. "Why are you sweating so much? Your hair is practically sticking to your head, and it's rather disgusting."

"I don't feel so well," Ethan managed to get out. He blinked several times and stared at the teacher. He couldn't focus on her and she her figure seemed to be wavering blurrily. "I don't -" he clutched his stomach and bent over as another wave of prickly heat passed. Miss Gates stepped back alarmedly. "Well if you're ill, what are you doing here? Go to the nurse's office. Now!" She waved him away and out through the door quickly. He hadn't even been able to gather up his books. "But my things - " he asked, but the Miss Gates had already firmly shut the door.

Day 1 - 11:42 AM
[Exit to Nurse's Station]
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