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Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted

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Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 12:03 AM:
Day 1
10:30 AM

Rubbing her temples, Jennie slips into her science class and sits silently in the back, chewing holes into her lips. Her pupils are dilated, breathing accelerated. Flashes plague her mind. Her legs are pressed so tightly together that her legs have her the pattern of her jeans imprinted into them. Jennie had to skip her first class, math. She simply couldn't go. She had woken up in the middle of the hallway again, blood covering her hands, stuck under her nails, long cuts dripping from her arms. What was happening?

Her head feels like it is splitting in half. She can't do this anymore, she just can't. But she knows she can't give up now. She needs to get out of here. She knows that much.

Jennie lays her head down on her desk, waiting for the teacher to turn around and give instructions. Everything is getting blury around the edges of her vision. She wonders if anyone would miss her if she simply slipped away, allowed the black to overtake her, consume her. Already, she can feel her senses leaving her. Dimmly, she realizes that she never bandaged her arms.

And it all fades away.

Cheung, Martin replied on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 2:52 AM:
Day 1 - 10:32 AM
[Enter from LA]

Elektra slipped through the door behind another student. It was a boy, and Elektra silently vowed to take revenge on him. He never held the door for her, but she'd seen him wait for a different girl to pass first once. Obviously, he must have some personal grudge against her. She glared at him as she passed, and he grinned at her. Outraged, Elektra looked away at sat at her usual desk; it was neither in the front, where she might appear as a nerd, nor in the back, where it would be assumed she was yet another slacker attempting to hide there.

Elektra pulls out a pencil and lays it neatly on top of her binder, waiting for the teacher to hurry up and start class. She was beginning to think he was characteristically indolent, unable to rid himself of his negative habits. She sighed, tapping her fingers on the wood desk idly, and looked around for something interesting, anything at all to distract her while she waited for the teacher to finish slowly rummaging in his desk and leaning back in his chair lazily.

In the front, several other kids are hunched over, as if protecting themselves from unseen threats, and around Elektra, some boys are talking to each other and laughing. She's friends with none of the laughing ones, the jerks that they are. A boy in a hoodie in the back slouches in his seat, his face hidden, and Elektra can't tell if he's awake or not. Next to him, a slightly chubby girl is resting her head on her desk. She looks as if she were sleeping. Elektra notices angry red slashes contrasting with her pale skin. It must be one of those kids who injure themselves.

"Hey!" Elektra, leans backward and taps the girl's desk. "Wake up. You don't want the teacher catching you sleeping in class, do you? And cover your arms, will you? Don't be stupid. You know they'll freak if they see those cuts." Elektra hesitates, waiting for the girl to respond. She pokes her arm slightly, then again harder. "Wake up! Do you hear me?" She shakes the girls' arm in an effort to wake her. "Fine." She rolls her eyes. "If you insist on doing it this way." Elektra gets up and walks over to the girl's desk.

She seizes the girl's head, pulling it up, and lifts one of the girl's eyelids open, staring into it. "Helloooo in there?" She pauses, unsure of what to do. "... Hello? Holy crap. Are you passed out?" Elektra drops the girl's head heavily back onto her arms. "Sorry!" she apologizes quickly. "Why am I talking to an unconscious body?" she mutters to herself. Elektra doesn't know what to do: tell the teacher and get the girl in trouble for cutting herself, or don't tell and run the risk of the girl dying or something like that. She goes back to her desk and sits down, biting her lip and thinking of what to do. Maybe the teacher would notice anyways, and then the girl couldn't blame her. Yes, that's what she'd do. She'd wait thirty minutes, and if the teacher hadn't noticed by then, she'd have to tell.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 9:43 PM:
The girl shakes suddenly, covulsing oddly. Her eyes fly open and she glances around in a panic, as if unsure of where she is. Then she visably relaxes. Her eyes close for a moment, thinking. Then she looks over at Elektra, as if deciding whether or not to be angry with her.

"What'd you touch me for?" she sounds annoyed. She glances up to the front of the room, towards the teacher. The teacher is now grabbing sheets of paper, preparing to pace the room and hand them out. He hesitates before shrugging slightly to himself.

"Jennie! Pass out these papers." 'Jennie' sighs, looking annoyed. She walks up to the front of the room, roughly grabbing the papers and walking to the front row. She passes them out quickly, half slamming them down onto people's desks, obviously in a bad mood. Finishing, she slouches back down into her seat, giving Elektra a full examination.

"Weird. Never noticed you in here before. Haha, guess that's not so strange. I'm not usually very social." She smiles invitingly. Whatever was annoying her before, she's already over it.

"Jeeze, this teacher is such a bore," she offers, "I swear, he couldn't teach us if he tried. I am so sick and tired of him just passing out labs and expecting us to learn the material ourselves." She rolls her eyes, lazily scanning the lab sheet.

"Hey, looks like we need partners for this one. Wanna work with me?"

Cheung, Martin replied on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 12:52 AM:
Elektra sits up sharply in her seat at the sound of Jennie's voice. "Whoa. I mean, hey." She shook her head confusedly. "Sorry, but you were kinda passed out ... I didn't mean to -" She's cut off as Jennie passes out the papers grumpily. Bad attitude, perhaps chronically antagonistic, she concludes. Elektra shrugs. "I've only seen you a couple times, I think."

She's surprised by Jennie's sudden change in behavior. Maybe this girl doesn't have as much anger bottled up as it seems like. Elektra revises her analyzation of Jennie to undetermined. "I know, right? I hate him so much," she confides in Jennie. "Yeah, sure. What's your name again? Jennie ..." She pauses, her pencil hovering over the "Name" line where she's already written her own name.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 1:33 AM:
The girl stiffens for a moment before relaxing and smiling.

"Yeah, Jennie," she grins, "but I can't really stand that name. After all, it's the name my parents picked for me, and I can't really stand them." She half grimaces and looks back down at the paper.

"So," she asks conversationally, "what's your story? Why're you here? Feel free to give a watered down version, I really only wanna know what I'm dealing with. Namely, that you won't try to kill me. Some kid attacked me today, in fact. That's what the cuts are from." She scratches absent mindedly at her arms.

"I'm here for 'depression'. Really, my family was crap. I just... couldn't take it any more, after a little while, you know?" She stares absently in space.

"It just... got to be too much for me..." She seems to snap out of it, smiling at Elektra again. then she sighs.

"Haha, guess we should actually get to work now, huh? Alright. Do you understand any of this shit?"

Cheung, Martin replied on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 1:14 AM:
"Parents ..." Elektra scowls. Her parents were the ones who put her here. She doesn't know whether to answer truthfully or not. If she tells Jennie everything, she'd avoid her for fear of being attacked. It wasn't as if she randomly starting stabbing people. Well, Jennie did ask for a "watered down version," so that's exactly what she'd get. It'd just be a little white lie.

"Oh, I they say I have Delusional Disorder. Basically I'm suspicious of people around me, so my parents sent me here to "cure" me or something." Elektra said, attempting to dismiss the one act of violence born from her paranoia. "But I like you. I don't think you're out to get me," she said quickly, as not to deter a potential friend. She looks on as Jennie seems to zone out.

"Yeah, we probably should." Elektra glances back down at the worksheet. "It looks like we're starting a new chemistry unit. Oxides and color changes ... Some of this stuff is just basic memorization. How boring," she sniffs. "He probably just wants us to have something so we don't bother him." She jerks her head in the general direction of the teacher, who is bent over at his desk, reading some file or other kind of paperwork.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 1:48 AM:
"Hah! Probably," Jennie agrees, "I don't know why they even make us go to school here. It's not like any of them expect us to be released back into the real world. God, I hate the staff here." She leans back in her desk, staring wearily at the paper.

"God, I'm so stupid," she laughs sheepishly, "I don't understand any of this! Glad I have you for my partner." She smiles at Elektra again before sighing and leaning down and dropping her head on her desk.

"Dang it, my head hurts again," she complains, "give me a second." Her body goes completely still and one might be able to barely hear her whispering to herself. What she's saying is inaudable. Then she sits up, wincing.

"Damn," she breathes airily, "maybe I should go to the nurse. I don't feel so good..." She leans over as if her stomach is heaving, panting, face taking on a greenish tint. She jumps up, dashing a few steps in the direction of the trashcan before pausing.

The teacher glances up, asking, "And where do you think you're going?"

"Nurse," Jennie manages to hiss. The teacher nods.

"Alexandria, manage the class while I escort Miss Jennie to the clinic." He follows Jennie out the door and into the hallway, eying her suspiciously.

"Now, you better not be trying to pull one on me," he warns harshly, "I will not have you disturbing the peace again."

"What on earth are you talking about, Mr. Francis?" Jennie smiles sweetly. Laughing, she walks smoothly into the nurse's office, leaving Mr. France to sputter alone.

Cheung, Martin replied on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 2:39 AM:
Elektra leans forward, interested in what Jennie has to say. "So what exactly happens when we turn eighteen? I hear they have an adult wing of the Institute. How many people have even gotten released from here?" She smiles back, liking Jennie more every second. First of all, Jennie compliments her, and second, she's quite interesting, in contrast to the dull idiots surrounding her currently.

"Aww, come on. You're not that stupid. Besides, you don't want the nurses getting concerned about your lack of self-esteem," she says laughing. She smiles at Jennie again, but the curve of her lips falters as Jennie collapses on her desk and starts muttering to herself. "Yeah, you probably should. Feel better soon, okay?" Elektra asks anxiously. "Don't leave me alone with these guys," she adds, smiling slightly and gesturing to the front of the room.

Elektra watches Jennie leave to the clinic. Hopefully her new friend would return. She turns around and looks down at her desk, continuing to complete the worksheet Mr. Francis gave out. All the stuff is rote memorization and other easy stuff. Soon Elektra finishes and putting her pencil down proudly, she leans back in her chair and folds her arms.

Cheung, Martin replied on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 2:41 AM:
(( oops ... my first paragraph doesn't really make sense ... Jennie's already gone. oh well! XD just ignore it. i don't have time to fix it. now i'm bored ... when is second period ending? ))

Reuben, Katherine replied on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 9:38 PM:
((No, it's fine. That can the last things they say before they leave.
And just one more post, I'd think.))

Jennie shrugs helplessly, "I have no idea. I don't know if that many have, but I'd think at least some have? Maybe? Or maybe insurance will refuse to pay after a little while. Heh, wouldn't that be nice?"


Day 1
11:37 AM
Exit to Nurse's office

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