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 Prufrock Prep School

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PostSubject: Prufrock Prep School   Prufrock Prep School I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 12:27 pm

It contains a cafeteria, an administrative building, and a theater where Vice Principal Nero performs his dire violin concerts for six hours at a time. Its motto inscribed on the arch at the entrance to the school is "Memento Mori" which means "Remember you will die". There is a dormitory that is shaped like a giant tombstone and made entirely of stone, in which students have to have a parent or guardian's permission to stay. Inside the dormitory, there is a living room, a game room, and a large lending library. All students have their own room and a fresh bowl of fruit every Wednesday. If parent or guardian's permission is not obtained, then pupils are forced to live in the Orphans' Shack. The shack, called "The Orphans' Shack" since Duncan and Isadora Quamire, two orphans, were forced to live there, is made entirely of tin. Bales of hay can be used as beds. Tiny crabs scurry around on the floor. The walls are all painted bright green with tiny pink hearts, and a fungus drips from the ceiling. The school has a number of bizarre and strict rules thought up by Vice Principal Nero. If a pupil is late for class, their hands are tied behind their back for meals. Being late for a meal means having no cups to drink from (and drinks are poured straight onto the tray). Entering the administrative building is punished by not being allowed to use normal cutlery. Failure to attend Vice Principal Nero's nightly six hour long concerts is dealt with by having to buy Nero a bag of sweets and watching him eat them.

Vice Principal Nero
Mr. Remora(eats bananas while making his students memorize every detail of his short stories in Room One)
Mrs. Bass (has an obsession for the metric system and has her students measure various items in Room Two)
Two Cafeteria Workers
Coach Genghis
There is also a mysterious librarian character who wears an unusual assortment of clothes and asks "Have you been good to your mother?"
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Prufrock Prep School
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