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Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted

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Day 1
7:01 AM
Enter from Girl's Dorm

Lexi hesitantly enters the cafeteria. Being a relatively new patient in a mental hospital where very few patients ever leave, Lexi doesn't have many friends yet. It doesn't help that many of the patients are polyphobic, preferring to claim their own illnesses make them saner than those with multiple personalities. Of course, if they are that prejudiced, Lexi doesn't really care to prove them otherwise. She has no desire to get to know them, either.

Lexi walks through the food line regretfully, picking up only a bagel and smothering it with cream cheese. The food here is decent, but the breakfast choices were always the same, no variety. That seems to be the general rule here.

Lexi walks off to a table in a corner, near a window. She sits down and withdraws to their mind, choosing to chat with the others than to talk to so called 'real people'.

Johnston, Stephen replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:34 AM:
Day 1
7:03 AM
Enter from Boy's Dorm

Drake quickly entered the cafeteria; it was even duller than he thought it would be. He sighed before quickly entering the food line. Grabbing 5 pieces of toast, 2 bowls of cereal, and milk, he looked for a place to sit. Seeing someone in the corner, he walked over and asked, "Can a sit in this seat here," while pointing to a seat next to the girl.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:45 AM:
The member's of Elaine's mind are in the middle of a full out debate about whether or not Amy and Elaine should be locked up for the good of the system when a muffled voice breaks through their concentration. The members of Elaine's mind, or the Ivory Gardern Group, as they prefer to call themselves, pause, wondering if they really heard anything or if they maybe are simply crazy after all.

There is a boy wishing to talk to us, Helen informs them. This requires another quick conversation. Who should meet the boy? Do they let him know who they really are? After a minute in their world, probably only a few seconds in the earth realm, it is decided that Tom and Lexi will speak to him, with Sissy close by. Tom, as the only male member of the system, probably has the best chance of relating to the boy, even if Tom is extrememly anti-social.

"I'm sorry? I don't believe I heard what you said?" Tom asked politely, staring up impassively at Drake. His eyes were almost black, Lexi's hunched back straightening as Tom slid seamlessly to front. His voice was deeper than hers, and he made no attempt to hide it. It was a well known fact that, subconsiously, humans considered a deeper voice to be a sign of an alfa male. Though the body was female, Tom was most certainly not, and he quite enjoyed holding a postion of power and influence. Besides, it was safer to be considered strong. They had been victims once. Never again.

Johnston, Stephen replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:50 AM:
"Um, I asked if I could sit here," said Drake waving in the general direction of the table. Something seemed off about this girl; her voice seemed too deep for example. She definitely had problems, but then again, so did he. Who was he to judge? Drake smiled his, usually, winning smile. Whenever he smiled, things didn't go wrong; it was only when he felt hurt that things went out of control.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:56 AM:
Tom nodded, gesturing to the empty seat next to him as if commanding the boy to sit.

"What's your name?" Tom asked, not really interested in knowing, but feeling he should keep us a polite conversation, if only for Elaine's sake. It was her reputation at stake, after all.

You suck at this whole being nice thing, Lexi laughed silently. Tom gritted his teeth.

My job is to protect, not to socialize with a bunch of children. Still, he made an effort to look Drake in the eyes as he answered.

"We are... Elaine..." Tom gritted his teeth, realizing his mistake as soon as it left his mouth. He blamed it on the medication he knew the nurses snuck into the water. It loosened their mouth, he was sure of it!

Zhu, Chichi replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 1:35 AM:

Day 1
6:35 AM

Aramatha sidled into a table. She nibbled on her toast and sipped on a cup of light tea. The toast was of great bread and quite crisp. It's warm insides filled Aramatha as she plotted her day.

The shy girl finished reading her book and completing whatever homework she was given the night before and glanced around. Observing from a distant corner of the hall, as far away from all people as possible, Aramatha watched another girl walk in. She picked up some light food and sat down. Another who keeps to herself. Aramatha debated being friendly and saying hi, but then decided it'd be awful; people were awful.

If you were to walk into the hall at this moment, the lonely girl in the corner would be the last you would notice. First came a girl with brilliant dark blue hair and contrasting skin as white as snow. Her eyes were the black of night, totally opposite of the tall, cat-green eyed boy standing awkwardly near her. Across the hall was a girl covered in scars from head to toe, with electric pink hair. Near her sat a boy who had bald spots here and there, and the floor around him seemed to already by slightly littered with shreds of this and that.

Aramatha realized and cherished her insignificance and just continued sitting, waiting in the hall.

Johnston, Stephen replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 1:47 AM:
"It's Drake," Drake replied, with a slight nod of the head on his own name. The "we are Elain," kind of freaked him out some, but oh well, such is life. In an attempt to conversation Drake asked, "Why are you stuck here? No offense or anything, I'm just curious as this is first day. I'm here for 'violent acts' which I never remember doing. It's rather odd really." (Quotes to be said without break for answer.)

Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 1:47 AM:
((Hey, Chichi. Don't enter the cafeteria before 7:00. You need to keep to the scheduel.... not that'd I'd know... ::coughs and shifts eyes away:Smile)

Day 1
Enter from Girl's Dorms

Ally waltsed lightly into the cafeteria and up to the food tables. She examined the food, as if expecting to see something other than the usual. Nothing was different. Seemingly undetered, Ally grabbed a pack of cereal. It wasn't like she planned on eating it, anyway. She just wanted to look like she was eating. People here got so testy when they thought you were skipping meals! Ally rolled her eyes. If she wasn't hungry, she wasn't hungry. If she wasn't hungry, she would not eat. When she was hungry, she would eat, but she was not hungry, and would not eat. Simple, right? Stupid asylum.

Ally scanned the cafeteria, deciding who to sit next to. After a moment, she smiled impishly, face lighting up. There was a girl, sitting at a table, mostly off by herself, reading a book. She looked almost normal. No funky hair. No piercings. No scowl. No talking to herself. Easy target. Should be fun, eh?

Ally bounced over to where the girl was sitting.

"Hey," she nodded, "What's up? I'm Ally. I don't think I've seen you around? Weird. How old are you?"

Johnston, Stephen replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 1:57 AM:
(answer mine Katherine!!!)

Cheung, Martin replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 2:40 AM:
[Enter from Girls Dorm]

Day 1
7:05 AM

Elektra sprinted down the hallway, occasionally pausing and walking slowly as staff members passed. Once close to the cafeteria, she realized there as enough time to relax, and Elektra walked the rest of the way. When she entered the dining hall, she grabbed a bowl, and filled it with cornflakes and milk. Hopefully the milk hadn't expired and soured by now, as it occasionally did. She also took a cup of tea, which she recently started drinking and now craved. The orderlies in the Institute were only acceptable cooks, but they did know how to make good tea. "Either that or they drugged the tea, causing an addiction," thought Elektra suddenly. That struck her motionless for a second. Nah, it couldn't be. The Institute was trying to cure them of their addictions and disorders, though Elektra doubted she was as 'troubled' as the Institute claimed. Her mind continued rebelliously, though. "Perhaps they're part of a secret international organization bent on worldwide anarchy, and - " Elektra's mind wandered at this point, and she lost her concentration. Her thoughts flew off to pondering if the old grey-haired orderly behind the beverages counter was secretly a KGB agent infiltrating the Institute. Elektra walked down the aisle in the middle of the cafeteria, looking for a table to sit at. Nope, emo table. Nope, klepto table. Nope, weirdo table. Nope, loser table. Nope, - Elektra automatically sorted people into groups as she examined the different possible tables. Her eyes scanned the dining hall, searching for relatively normal to accompany. There was one girl in the shadowed back, though her hair was dyed blue and she was currently talking to a tall confident looking teenager. There was another. A pale boy with a hunched over girl. "The best I'm going to get," Elektra thought, sighing. She sat next to the boy, instinctively avoiding the girl who currently looked surprisingly commanding and masculine, and whose spine had suddenly straightened. "Hello, do I know you? I'm Elektra," she said, introducing herself enthusiastically.

(( note: the tea drugging part is not me trying to make Elektra discover the reality of the institute - it was me trying to make her paranoid of something. i changed the parts closest to the truth already, though. ))

Cheung, Martin replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 2:55 AM:
[Enter from Boys Dorm]

Day 1
7:02 AM

Ethan entered the dining hall and mechanically took a piece of toast and an egg, filling a glass of orange juice as he passed the beverages counter. He headed towards his usual corner in the back table, but it was already claimed by a different patient, a girl inconspiciously seated at the end of the table. There was another girl there too, a taller, teenage girl who was sprightly and lively, light on her feet as she walked towards the back table and sat down. Ethan hesitated. Should he continue to his usual spot? Or move somewhere else? He decided on the middle path, and sat down at the back table, but at the end opposite of the two girls. He bit into his toast, enjoying the crunchiness of the bread, and quenched his thirst by gulping from his orange juice. Ethan glanced over at the other end of the table. They contrasted, the bold and brazen teenager, and the shy and timid looking girl beside her.

(( ignore the hair dyed blue part in elektra's post. that was me being confused ))

Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 9:02 PM:
"Tom," Tom nodded, giving up all attempts at seeming normal, "I'm one of Elaine's alters. We have multiple personality disorder. We are here because Amy, one of Elaine's other personalities, attempted to kill the body after our parents were killed in a fire." Tom didn't like giving up the secret, but nothing was really secret around here. It was in their files, after all, and almost everyone knew it about them. Might as well just tell the truth. Drake probably already judged them as a freak, basing solely by the odd look on his face.

"Violent acts? Should we be worried? We black out too, occasionally, when one of the others take over, but we've never tried to hurt anyone before..." Tom stared at Drake wearily, body tensing as he prepared for a fight. Many here were violent, but Drake blacking out worried him. What if he was multiple, too? Tom knew some alters couldn't feel pain, and would be able to sustain far greater injuries than they should be able to. Helen was like that, in fact. But Helen couldn't fight. She was defense only. Tom would be the one left to fight, and he wasn't sure exactly how well he could do against a naturally male body. Hopefully the nurses would intervene in time...

Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 9:12 PM:
Tom glances up as a girl sits down. Elektra, she calls herself. Tom frowns. A sixteen year old. Elaine is only fourteen. And how old is Drake? Obviously not fourteen. Tom is beginning to feel cornered, and he doesn't like it at all.

Oh, you calm down, Lexi thinks, rolling her eyes, it's no big deal. At all. Seriously.

Lexi smiles warmly at Elektra.

"Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm part of Elaine's system. I think we met in group therapy once? This is Drake, he's new here. Hey Drake, how old are you? Elektra's sixteen. Maybe you two will be in the same year? Would be nice. There aren't many fourteen year olds here, it sucks! The ones who are are all so weird." Lexi makes a face, leaning back. She doesn't fear these two. Fights occasionally break out, but the nurses always make sure no one is hurt. Besides, Sissy could handle it. Sissy is hellfire when angered!

Johnston, Stephen replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 10:11 PM:
"Nah, you shouldn't be worried; it only happens when I'm either depressed or really angry."
Drake immediately liked Lexi better than Tom; she was much more open and a lot nicer. "I'm 15 (sorry about the registration thing...., I wasn't sure what date we were going by.....) and turning 16 in April, so I'm a sophmore. How about you two? sophmore and freshman?"

Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 10:50 PM:
"Oh if you're a sophmore, you should be in the same class as Elektra! That's nice. There aren't many students around here, so you two should be able to get to know each other real well. And maybe we'll all get in the same therapy group? Should be fun! But they usualy group us up by subject, so we usually get stuck with the schizos, which suck. We're not schizo at all! We hear inside voices, not outside voices!... And, so, yeah..." Lexi laughed awkwardly, hoping her new friends were schizophrenic. Sometimes they got mad about that, thinking Elaine got special privilages for calling her voices alters. Oh well. Couldn't please everyone, Lexi supposed.

"Oh! Right! Yeah, I'm a freshman. Sucks, right?" Lexi grinned.

Cheung, Martin replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 11:34 PM:
Elektra grinned back at Lexi, partly surprised by her openness but mostly happy that Lexi was so friendly. "Hey, Lexi. We might've might," she says, shrugging. "I don't know, maybe." Elektra glances over at Drake, and replies, "Yeah, I'm a sophomore. So we'll probably be in the same group for sure!" She agreed with Lexi awkwardly too, not personally knowing the difference between MPD and schizophrenia. "It kinda does, if you - I mean, you guys - don't have many friends." Elektra was slightly embarassed by her slip-up, and her face flushed a little, (she really wanted to make a good impression on Lexi and her 'inside voices'') but then again she wasn't used to addressing one person as many. "You never know though, maybe we'll get in the same group. We can have lunch together at least, right?"

Reuben, Katherine replied on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 11:47 PM:
"Yeah, that'd be great. But eating meals together is cool, too." Lexi rips off a piece of the bagel, savouring it quickly, not wanting to halt the flow of the conversation.

"Don't worry too much about adressing us properly. Just don't call us crazy, or try to say we're all one person, and we're pretty much fine. I mean, we like it when people call us by our own names, not just Elaine's, but don't worry about proper termenalogy, ok?" Lexi grinned. She glanced up at the clock, juding how much more time she had with her friends before she had to return to the solumn reality of the asylum.

"Hm, 7:36... 24 more minutes before chores... cool. Um, hey you guys mind talking to Tom again for a while? I think Elaine wants me. I'll be back out again soon." Lexi quickly ducked inside, feeling a rush as Tom surfaced completely. She hated having to leave now, but Elaine was starting to surface again, and probably wanted to know what was going on and who the people were.


Tom stared awkwardly at the two people sitting near him.

"...hello," he nodded to Elektra. He was beginning to wonder if he should just let Jewel handle this. She was certainly social, even if not always in the best way.

Johnston, Stephen replied on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 12:19 AM:
"Yeah, it would," replied Drake rather awkwardly...., oh well. Girls somehow always ended up confusing him. Not that it mattered now. "Hi again Tom," Drade said as Tom resurfaced.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 12:24 AM:
Tom nodded at Drake, acknowledging him. Nothing more, nothing less. After a short, painfully awkward silence, Tom went back to eating the bagel. He wasn't found of food. None of them were, really. But they did have to eat.

"Tell me, Elektra," Tom said quietly, "why did you wind up in here?" He was always curious about that fact in particular. What had they done bad enough to be locked away, shut off from the world, damned to this hell? Were they safe?

Lexi was right. Safety was a constant concern for Tom. But he didn't see any other choice. Life was fleeting, sanity a fragile thing. His job was to protect them all, and he would do that. No matter what.

Cheung, Martin replied on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 12:46 AM:
Elektra stayed silent for a moment, suspiciously glancing at Tom/Elaine. Why did he want to know, anyways? Maybe Tom was a stalker, or worse a creeper who - No. Elektra clamped down on the wayward thoughts wandering through her mind. This was what had gotten her into the Institute in the first place, after all. "I became violent with one of my friends. I thought she was conspiring against me," she said after a deep breath. "We argued, and we fought, and then she was hospitalized. My parents never looked at me the same after that, and after a year of visiting a psychiatrist with no 'improvement' in their eyes, they sent me here." Elektra looked down, shame washing through her. "I didn't mean to, I really didn't! But ... I thought that my best friend had betrayed me, and I was kinda angry about it." Elektra looked up at Elaine. "Why do you ask? How did you get sent here, Tom?"

Reuben, Katherine replied on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 1:04 AM:
"...Ah," Tom said after a moment, slightly worried that they had attracted two violent people within the last half hour.

"I was merely curious. We are always interested in how we compare to the others here, of course. Are you schizophrenic? If so, I do apoligize for Lexi's comment earlier. She meant no harm when comparing our illness to schizophrenia, she simply forgets to think before speaking." Tom paused for a minute, eyeing the two wearily. When no one seemed inclined to be angry, he continued.

"Amy, another of us, tried to destroy the body after our parents died in a fire. She and Elaine, the host, are still... unwell... they tend to flashback to the fire, and Amy is quite sullen, Elaine depressed. The rest of us are quite healing nicely, though, and I believe we should be sane enough to leave within the year." Few people that Tom knew of had left the asylum. The asylum bragged of three succesful students in particular, but of the three, one had been recommitted, one disapeared, and the third seemed to be the asylum's puppet, a play thing, whose sole purpose was to please the asylum that had reared her.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 2:54 AM:
Day 1
Heath staggered into the nearly empty dining hall. He grabbed a bit of toast and some cream cheese to spread on it and looked around. As everywhere else was either too cornered or already occupied, the boy chose a center table. When his medication is working, he's a social and bouncy person.

Heath dropped his tray and sat down.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5:05 PM:
Aramatha glanced up from her food. A person. A girl. A bit taller than herself and even skinnier. Kind looking in the whole, but it was a person! Aramatha's palms began to sweat, her throat clamped up and she opened her mouth. Her eyes darted from left to right nervously and curiously, and her head spun. It's a person... she wants to talk to me... she just asked me a question... I should probably answer... who the hell is she? Aramatha gulped in as big a breath as she could without bursting into tears and whispered.


The word barely came out, so summoning up everything she had, Aramatha tried again. "My name is Aramatha. I'm 15." Sighing a huge breath of relief, Aramatha nearly ran outside of the cafeteria just to avoid further conversation. However, she'd already been reprimanded for breaking schedule twice during her stay and didn't want another run in with more faces she'd never seen. She looked back into the face of the thin, wiry teen and half-attempted to smile.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5:12 PM:
Ally smirked at the effect she seemed to be having on the poor girl.

"Aramatha, huh? Interesting name. Like I said, I'm Ally. Haha, I'm older than you, would explain why I've never seen you around. Different classes. Still, strange that we've never had group therapy together. How long have you been here?" Ally smiled brightly, trying to keep her eyes wide and innocent. When Aramatha seemed hesitant to answer, she continued.

"I've been here for almost three years. It's a long time, but hopefully I'm getting out soon. I'm here for anorexia. What about you?" It was hard holding up a conversation with someone who seemed to prefer running away to talking. Ally pulled out a chair and sat down across from Aramatha, staring intently at the girl's face. Aramatha seemed to be growing more and more uncomfortable, and Ally had to struggle not to laugh. Sucker.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5:23 PM:
Aramatha froze. The girl seemed nice, all right, but was she really? Few people she's talked to have admitted to having a mental condition in the first place, especially eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, etc. Aramatha's brows furrowed in suspicion. Her paranoid side kicked in, and then aggression. "Why do you give shit who I am?" She clamped her mouth shut and clinched her hands into fists the second the words slipped out. In her head, she cursed at herself for speaking so stupidly. Color flowed to her cheeks, and her facial expression hardened. Unable to choose which emotion to settle on, Aramatha just slouched down and continued eating in silence, trying to ignore this prying anorexic.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5:36 PM:
Ally's eyes widened and she laughed, unable to help herself this time. Glee was bubbling up within her. She just loved watching people panic. She couldn't help herself. It was so... delightful, such a rush, such an overwhelming sense of power and superiority. She clamped her mouth shut, feigning remorse.

"Sorry. You're right, it really is none of my bussiness, is it? I just want out of here, you know? Three years and still unable to eat... still trapped following the same schedule day in and day out... it wears on you. Sometimes it's just nice to reaffirm to myself that I'm not the only crazy one, you know? But damn. I didn't mean it that way! But maybe I did... I dunno. I guess everyone here is crazy, huh? Sorry for bothering you. Want me to leave?" Ally looked worridly at the other girl as if she cared. But maybe she did. She sure as heck didn't want to leave. Not now, not when she had such a leverage over the younger girl. But she had to take things more slowly. Ally began to gather up her things, preparing to be banished to another table... and helping enforce her self imposed image on innocence.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5:42 PM:
"Gladly. Go." The two words were barely uttered out before Aramatha's head began to grow dizzy. She felt woozy, sick. Running one hand under the table, she looked for something sharp. Something sharp, something sharp. Damn school confiscated all her pins, and her knives, and her-- oh, a screw. Aramatha rolled up her long sleeve and slowly, subtly ran her wrist across the screw. She felt skin rip, and felt the stickiness of a little bit of blood, not too much to manage. using her other hand, she took a napkin from the bench next to her and wrapped it around the blood. She rolled her sleeve back down and remained in the slouched position, glaring at her food and waiting for the silhouette in her peripheral to leave her alone.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5:52 PM:
Ally stood up, turning away, ready to leave, before something stopped her. Turning around on impulse, she watched as Aramatha slice herself under the table. Small red drops welling to the surface, dripping slightly down the side. Strangely enticing, even to Ally, solely an observer, but dangerous, none-the-less.

"Well," she laughed under her breath, "explains what you're here for." She grinned, staring intently at Aramatha. So much for leaving. This could make lovely blackmail, after all. Too good a chance to pass it up.

Louder now, but under the hearing of any spying devices, Ally whispered, voice low and threatening, "Asylum know you're still self harming? They could put you in lockup for that, you know. Shave your head, chain you to a wall in the pitch cold black, naked, waiting for you to cave and promise to be good... stuff you up on meds until you can't think." Ally sat back down, leaning towards Aramtha, waiting for her to respond. She smiled cheerfully at a passing boy with eyes like clocks, but then turned back, dropping the act. No reason to even try now. There was nothing the younger girl could do, not if she wanted any freedom at all.

"Pretend we're talking about school," Ally giggled, looking perfectly normal to any outsider, "or the moniters will come over. Now. Talk."

Zhu, Chichi replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5:59 PM:
Aramatha froze. "Damn it, you bitch." She glared at Ally. "Now what? What the hell are you going to make me do to for you to keep my secret?" She kept pushing and pulling and prodding her food with the plastic spork as Ally seemed to burn holes in her head. Heart pounding, mind seething, body shaking more violently than the Armenian Genocide, Aramatha couldn't believe she was actually SPEAKING to someone, much less someone very likely to blackmail her.

"Since I'm probably going to be seeing a LOT of you," Aramatha proclaimed sarcastically, to her own surprise, "do you have a band-aid? The Institute took all of mine so I 'couldn't' cover up..."

Reuben, Katherine replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 6:07 PM:
Ally grinned nastily.

"I don't want you to do anything for me. Honest. After all, what's the point? After a certain number of commands, it becomes better for you to simply tell and recieve the punishment than to continue listening to me. And what could I possibly command that would be worth it? No, my dear. I don't blackmail. I lied about my condition, you know. I'm psycopathic, anti-social, sociopathic. I simply enjoy watching people squirm." Ally's smile couldn't have been creepier if she tried. Mostly because it was sweet, caring, fake as could be. And Ally knew it, and Aramatha knew it, but most of the world was oblivious. To anyone outside of this small bubble of space, it would appear that Aramatha was simply being incredibly difficult. Too angry, or paranoid, or perhaps even stuck up to put up with a prep for the remaining twenty minutes of lunch.

"Hm," Ally agreed, "we're gonna be great friends, I'm sure. But you don't want a bandaid. Bandaids are too obvious. All the cutters find ways to sneak them from the nurse's office. They no longer provide safety. The moniters actually check the office records to see if the injury was from outside sources, did you know? No. Your cut is small, barely even a scratch. What you need is cover up." Ally pulled out a small compoud from her pockets.

"Here, pretend to put this on your face and give me your cut hand under the table. I'll apply it for you." Ally smirked, knowing her touch was the last thing Aramatha wanted.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 10:39 PM:
Aramatha shuddered. Summoning up again courage to speak to the girl standing in front of her, she sighed. "Squirm, all right." She reluctantly began speaking as if they were old friends, to eliminate any possible suspicion. "So where are you from? Do you have a family? I think I had siblings, but I'm not sure..." Her voice trailed off in feigned sadness, faux only to the one in her line of vision.

Aramatha stared at Ally incredulously. Instinctively, she yanked both hands from underneath the table and sat on them. However, that just made her cut arm bleed more. She could feel it oozing the tiniest bit of pus. Switching her glare to the ground, Aramatha reluctantly gave Ally her arm and began to run her fingers around the rim of the container.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 10:52 PM:
Ally giggled, covering her mouth with her hands.

"I meant more of keeping up appearance. What you say, as long as you say it quiet enough, is usually fine. But now, I'm curious. Tell me, are you adopted? Family is a bit of an interest to me, I'll admit. Mine, quite frankly, sucked. My mom was a druggie, my dad a drunk. Both abusive. Sucks, huh? I had a sister, once. Why do you think you had siblings?"

Ally giggled again as Aramatha freaked. Gently, she grabbed Aramtha's arm. With her other hand she got some cover up, applying a bit to her own face first, as if showing Aramtha how, trying to avoid suspicion. Then she put her hands under the table as she continued talking with Aramatha.

"So, you never did say what you're here for. How are you handling it? Some of the people here for lesser things can't stand it, go crazy. Hope you're not one of them." Ally smiled brightly as she rubbed the cover up over the wound.

"Hm, you should probably clean that later. It'll probably get infected otherwise. I'd clean it, but... it'd attract way too much attention. Waaaaay too much." Leaving Aramatha to guess at what she meant, Ally got more cover up.

"You're applying it wrong," she informed Aramatha smugly before reaching up and rubbing some onto the girl's cheeks. Then she leaned back, smirk evident.

"Oh dear," she laughed, "is it 7:50 already? Only ten more minutes left for lunch, huh? I need to go check on something. Take care!" Winking, Ally sauntered off to another table.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 12:45 AM:
"My mom raised me on her own, for a few years anyway. I don't know anything of my dad. I think I have a brother because I have vague memories of someone tall, dark-haired, with sharp iridescent eyes." At the memory, Aramatha shuddered. Each time she'd seen those eyes as a 3 and 4 year old, there had been rage and hunger lingering in them. They'd attack her, dancing with spite, malice, as a pair of hands would grab her, sock her, and everything would go black. "But then I lived at the or-o-orphanage for the past 11 years, I think. The orphanage folk, they weren't really family. I was mostly alienated there."

"I don't like the people here. There are too many of them and I don't trust them. They make me feel like I'm suffocating." Aramatha began to shiver with fear at the thought of more people. "Honestly, I have never spoken this much to one person in such a short amount of time. Nor have I spoken so much TRUTH to one person." Again, Aramatha's eyes danced in suspicion, but she continued speaking anyways. "I know how to clean it, thanks. I... I was taught at the orphanage before they shipped me off to here."

When Ally reached over and rubbed the ointment on Aramatha's face, she drew back violently. Ally didn't react at all, she simply sat back and grinned. Smirked. Aramatha seethed on the inside, and a wall of fire seemed to build around her once again. Every word uttered from Ally's mouth there and forward were just buzzes. "7:50... lunch..." Wait, lunch? Aramatha snapped out of a trance quicker than ever. "Wait, Ally?" Aramatha said tentatively. "Did you just say it was 7:50 and we had ten minutes left for lunch? Lunch?" Aramatha's head spun again and she began to gather her materials, preparing for the first part of her dreaded day to begin.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 12:59 AM:
Ally stared intently at Aramatha as she told the tale of her life. She felt a vague sense of unease well up inside her as Aramatha described the brother. Ally had never had a brother, but she understood men like that far too well. Even if Aramatha didn't know what she herself was talking about, Ally did. Ally knew far, far too well.

Swallowing back memories, Ally relaxed back into her chair. Not a single emotion other than amusement had crossed her face yet, and she planned on keeping it that way. As she continued listening to Aramatha, the amusement became real. So. Ally was the first person Aramatha had really responded to, huh? Well. That certainly made the game much more interesting. More challenging, maybe, but with a far greater reward at stake.


Ally skipped away from Aramatha, mentally congradulating herself on her good work. She was a little angry that she had said lunch instead of chores, though. She was just so used to mind games, to slowly worming her way into people's minds and convincing them that they were crazy, that nothing they knew to be truth was real, that only Ally was incapable of leading them astray with horrid lies. But people tended to freak easily. Aramatha, especially, seemed unwilling to trust quickly. That was fine with Ally. She had been locked up in the institute for three years and doubted she was going anywhere anytime soon. She had plenty of time to mess with Aramatha.The game was just beginning.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 1:00 AM:
((Chase/Elektra, Stephen/Drake, you two have until tomorrow to respond before I just declare it 8:00.))

Zhu, Chichi replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 1:08 AM:
By 7:55, Aramatha was ready to go. Pacing quietly in the corner by herself, she mumbled in debate. Ally told her she was a sociopath. Sociopaths are known for having little conscience. Wasn't Eli a sociopath? A voice rang in the back of her head. Wait, who is Eli? The voice was silenced and Aramatha continued to pace. Trusting Ally made her very, very vulnerable. Someone would get hurt, and it wasn't going to be Ally. However, Ally just has an aura that makes you want so hard to trust her, yet wish so much to not. What is really the difference between to wish and to want?

Aramatha closed the book that still lay open on the commons table. The hall was louder than ever. All these psychologically damaged people band together into one, yet she still seemed alone. Even happier about it than ever, Aramatha watched Ally cross the hall, probably searching for another victim, she thought with slight vexation.

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 1:57 AM:
(( ... O.o ... chase/elektra? hey, i've been at honor orchestra all day, and yesterday too. neither you nor chichi responded until friday, so i couldn't do anything before then. ))

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 2:10 AM:
(( just kidding, didn't see your post, katherine. hehe ... XD i forgot about this anyways. ))

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 2:12 AM:
((... oh my god, I called you Chase! The heck was I thinking?! O.o))

((Martin! Responnnnnd!))

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 2:15 AM:
(( give me one more day!!! my mom is like, go to bed, go to bed, so i'm on limited time here. ))

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 2:26 AM:
((... Fine. But you better respond tomorrow! ::sticks out tongue:Smile)

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 2:49 AM:
Elektra shook her head. "No, just some paranoia mostly." She listened to Tom's description of their collective past, unsure of how to respond. "Oh, I'm uh ... I'm sorry that your parents died." Elektra attempted to skip over the subject, never the overly emotionally dwelling type. "Leave the asylum? What happens when you're 'well enough' to leave? I mean, who has? I wish I could leave right now ... Seriously, it's not like I go attacking people left and right." Elektra glanced at Drake and Tom, hoping they wouldn't contradict her statement. She didn't look like a violent type, did she? When neither responded immediately, Elektra looked up at the clock that hung above the cafeteria door. "It's 7:55 already! Almost time for chores ..." She groaned softly.

((what kind of chores do they do exactly? ))

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 1:12 PM:
((You'll see. When you leave the cafeteria, go to the hallways. A woman will assign you the chores for the week. Just check the second post, I'll assign everyone chores.))

"It's fine," Tom shrugged awkwardly. He had only brought it up so she wouldn't feel awkward that she was the only one being asked to get personal. He didn't need sympathy. Sympathy was awkward, unwanted, suffocating. Tom was relieved when Elektra hurried on. Tom waited for her to finish before slowly responding.

"I'm not entirely sure," Tom admitted reluctantly, "very few people have every made it out of here. Kind of makes you wonder how severe our conditions must really look to others, huh? But I'm sure a few people must have made it out. I believe that, if you were strictly in the youth section, then you can be released at eighteen, though many end up readmitted as adults. But I would imagine you are re-integrated" Tom flinched automatically at the word "into society, sent back to your home, foster care, left to fend for yourself. Still, anything would be better than here. As dishonest as it sounds, if they test us for mental stabatility, we will send either Helen or myself to deal with it, hiding the more unstable parts so that they cannot hurt our chances of leaving...."

"I... I don't see you as extrordinarily violent, but I have only known you for about an hour. To me, you appear fine. But honestly, I cannot judge. I'm sorry, but I just don't know."

Tom nodded.

"Drake, you said you're new here, right? Leave your things on the table. Someone will get the job of cleaning the cafeteria, and they will be charged with ensuring that no one tried to take a plastic knife. That would put the whole hospital on lockdown. Not a pleasant thing, if I may say so myself." For a moment, Tom went taunt, face rigid. Then the whole body relaxed, a grin spreading across the face.

"Dang," Lexi sighed, pouting, "I really did miss out on talking to you guys, didn't I? Sorry. Stupid Tom, stealing all of my time! We can still eat meals together, right? Well, bye! Hope your day isn't too horrible! See you at lunch!" Grinning, Lexi skipped off to be assigned her chores.

<Day 1
7:59 AM
Exit to Hallways>

Zhu, Chichi replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 4:48 PM:
[Heath and Aramatha exit to Hallways]

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 6:09 PM:
Elektra stared down at her food, imagining her chances of being released from the Institute. They weren't that high, she knew, if so few were 'cured' here. "They have an adult section?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "Well that shows their expectations of us, doesn't it." Elektra finished her cereal, spooning the soggy cornflakes into her mouth. She swallowed, and responded, "Hey, doesn't sound that dishonest. If you're sane you should be able to leave." Elektra smiled. "Thanks. Some people have said that opposite." Then she rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on. I'll show you. After a week, you can see that I'm usually perfectly calm." She raised her mug up and drained the tea from it, before saying, "Seriously, they're even more paranoid than I am. A plastic knife? I suppose it can still cut, but lockdown's kinda harsh." Elektra watched Tom tense momentarily before Lexi's voice spoke. "Yeah, you did. It's fine though. See you tomorrow!" Elektra stood up too, leaving her empty bowl and cup behind, and walking out the cafeteria entrance.

[Exit to Hallways]

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 6:21 PM:
Ethan finished eating his food, and left it on the table as he left the cafeteria. He had spent the whole hour contemplating what the two girls on the far side of the table were talking about. They were a strange pair, and he could sense a tension between them, even though they smiled and applied makeup and each other's faces like good friends would do. And rubbed makeup onto the smaller girl's wrist too. Ethan had seen her, Aramatha, he remembered her name was, deliberately slice her arm on a loose screw. That was a capital offense in the eyes of the staff in the Institute. It wouldn't do good to be a tattle-tale though, and Ethan knew to keep his mouth shut. The older girl was definitely a cruel one to avoid.

[Exit to Hallways]

Cheung, Martin replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 7:48 PM:
Day 1 - 7:15 AM
[Enter from Boy's Dorms]

Dennis ate breakfast alone. He hadn't made many friends in his time at the Institute so far. In his first few weeks he had fallen into a brief depression, sullenly trying not to accept his mother's decision to lock him up in an asylum. It had then worsened, before exploding into a state of perpetual anger when Dennis had learned that his mom had remarried in his absence, through a letter from his sister Amelia. But over time, Dennis had accepted that there was nothing he could do, and gradually as his turbulent emotions calmed, he realized that he had distanced himself from all the other patients. It wouldn't do good to have no social life, and Dennis was currently on the lookout for potential friends. Lunch ended too soon though, while Dennis still mulled over whether the boys on the right side of the cafeteria would be good choices or not.

Day 1 - 8:00
[Exit to Hallways]

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 7:58 PM:
Day 1
8:13 AM
Enter from Hallways

Finally, everyone has cleared out from the dining hall. Jennie slips in, noticing that another girl is already there. Bettie. She's in the same grade as Jennie, though the two girl's rarely talk. Jennie rarely talks to anyone, actually, but Bettie seems to hate her. It's kind of odd. Bettie is usually such a nice kid, but she always glares at Jennie whenever she sees her. Jennie shudders, shrinking in on herself. It's almost like Bettie knows the horrible things Jennie did...

"You gather and count utensils," Bettie commands robotically, "and I'll wipe down the tables." Jennie nods, hiding tears. Head low, shoulders slumped, she begins her job, barely even notcing when Heath enters the dining hall.

Johnston, Stephen replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 8:21 PM:
(can someone please tell me what's happened so far???, I was gone the whole weekend!!!!!)

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 8:22 PM:
((Not much. Basically, it's time for chores. Just go to the hallway for your character's assignment, then go to the correct area to work.))

Zhu, Chichi replied on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 11:59 PM:
Heath trudged back into the dining hall. "Bettie, what do you want me to do today?" Bettie was not one for playing games. Nice, but quite to the point. He saw Jennie already counting utensils and Bettie had started to wipe down tables.

Heath glanced around the hall. It was only the three of them, and the hall seemed to echo with hatred. He glanced expectantly at Bettie and prepared to tackle any task he was assigned.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Monday, March 28, 2011 at 12:12 AM:
Bettie glances up at Heath.

"Oh! You can help with the clearing of the tables. And make sure... Jennie... doesn't mess up." Her voice turned slightly sour as she said Jennie's name, and the other's girl's shoulder's slumped even more.

"H-hi," Jennie said quietly as Heath walked over to join her. She tried her best not to flinch away, to avoid him touching her in any way. That would be mean. She winced, directing her attention back to counting. She liked numbers. Math was her favourite subject because of the numbers. Numbers always had one value, math problems always had one answer. There was no other things to factour in. And most importantly, numbers never lied. People did. People lied all of the time. But numbers never lied.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 12:34 AM:
"Thanks! She's counting utensils, right? I'll go help with that first." Heath walked off cheerfully to Jennie's direction. He didn't notice the venom in Bettie's voice when Jennie's name was said, but he did see the girl flinch.

"Hi Jennie. What have you counted so far?" Sensing her slight discomfort, Heath made sure to keep a bit of distance from her, and moved to the pile she was done with. "How many in here?" He picked the stack up and began counting them himself.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 12:02 AM:
"U-um," the girl replied, flustered, "So far, I've counted fourteen-n forks, ten knives, and t-twenty two s-spoons. There are fifty-four students in this ward, s-so..." Face burning red, the girl looked back down, beginning to grow uncomfortable.

"We still h-have 6 more tables to go... um, the tables over there, ok? And keep a l-look out for broken tableware... we'll compare our number with the number given out when we finish...." Jennie's voice had been dropping volume since she had started talking and was now barely audable. She wished she didn't have to work with a man. Well, boy, really, but he was male! She just... didn't know if she could work with males... Jennie shivered, choking slightly. But she would be fine. She would be. As long as he didn't touch her. Jennie's back was burning as if a large, male hand was placed there, but she ignored it, concentrating on the counting. Her eyes blurred slightly with unwanted tears. She didn't want to cry, she hated being weak...

Zhu, Chichi replied on Saturday, April 02, 2011 at 12:55 PM:
Heath again sensed a wave of discomfort radiating from Jennie so he simply nodded his head and said, "Good plan. I'll start with the far table and work my way over, then. Thanks." Heath began counting silverware.
1 broken spoon and nothing else odd after 25 minutes.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Saturday, April 02, 2011 at 2:36 PM:
Jennie stares down at the broken spoon. By habbit, she puts her thumb in her mouth, starting to chew on it.

Struggling to keep her breathing even, she mutters, "we only have the top half... we... we need to find the bottom... or we have to tell them and put the whole dorm on lockdown..." It was a horrible thought. Jennie hated lockdown, having the heavy door clang shut behind her with a resounding bang as the lock fell into place. The near pitch dark as only meager shadows worked their way past the grimy window. The thud of boots as workers went into each cold cell and searched everywhere for the utensil. Having them enter her cell, search her room, search her, hands all over her... Jennie bit down hard on her thumb to stop the gagging. She glanced depserately around the cafeteria, as if it would jump out at her if she looked just a bit harder.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Sunday, April 03, 2011 at 3:24 AM:
Heath rushed over to Jennie, stopping within 15 feet of her. He called out her name. "Jennie! I found a spoon that was broken, and another half of one... do you happen to have the other half? Or are we going to have to..." his voice trailed off as he recalled the last trigger to his latest medicinal malfunction.

"So can we please just find it?" He picked up in a stronger voice, and began to stare at the ground. "I counted 20 forks total at tables 3,4, and 5, and 15 knives and 25 spoons. At tables 1 and 2, I got what you did. These maybe two broken spoons are the only oddities I stumbled upon. What about you? Do you think Bettie needs any help when we're done?"

Reuben, Katherine replied on Sunday, April 03, 2011 at 3:43 AM:
Jennie shook her head, staring at the broken half in her hand.

"No, just the original broken half... so... we're going to get lock down after all... um, we'll keep looking of course... I-I hope no one took it... um... actually, Bettie should probably be the one helping us... I don't think she likes me very much, though..." It was kind of odd, actually. When Jennie had first arrived at the insitution, Bettie had been really nice to her. It had really seemed like they were friends. But then, during group therapy, someone had said something about incest, and... and... well, Jennie couldn't actually remember the incident. All she knew was that Bettie had hated her ever since. Jennie must have said something bad. Maybe she had talked about her grandfather? Stupid!

"W-we only have n-nineteen minutes left... we better hurry..." Jennie removed her hand from her mouth, not wanting to seem like a baby, though it was probably far too late for that. She flinched. God, she hated trying to interact with others. She was so horrible at it. If only she could be normal.... braver... someone people could actually like. It was a nice thought, but this was no time for day dreams, so Jennie reluctantly followed Heath over to Bettie.

Zhu, Chichi replied on Sunday, April 03, 2011 at 3:56 AM:
[begin flashback between first and second paragraph of previous post]
It was January 2nd, 2008. Heath was already growing quite tall, filling in build, and rocking out on his drums and first electric guitar. He had a concert today, and he woke up feeling great. The weather that day was brutal; it tended to be in that area. His entire family had made sure to take their medicine for the last 2 weeks, not risking another malfunction just in case, so they could all see Heath perform.

5:30 AM, and he stretched out on his bed, letting out a barbaric YAWP as he bounded up and around the corner. Grabbing a bite of toast and a glass of milk as his stomach wouldn't allow more, he ran 3 miles from home all the way to the theater. The theater was decorated fully and beautifully. Brilliant crimson posters lined the walls, advertising the gathering, and vibrant orange profiles on all the performers sided with them.

Heath went up the stairs onto the wooden stage. He laid down, put his ear on the ground, and felt the sound roaring through his veins. He got up and met the rest of his band backstage. They rehearsed each number 3 times perfectly, and by 9:00, 3 hours later, they were ready. Showtime was in 10 minutes, and Heath felt joy bubbling in him, kindly, boilingly, and finally dangerously ragingly. His happiness suddenly became anger, his quiet strums suddenly became loud attacks. Chords weren't soft as they should be, everything was too loud. Everything that met his ears was too... loud...
Smashes and screams...

Screaming on his stage, Heath was not himself. He felt out of it, snapped in pieces, and extremely, extremely angry. Somewhere from the back came a dull stab, and the world went black.

[end flashback. insert second paragraph above]

Reuben, Katherine replied on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 2:15 AM:
Day 1
Enter from Math

Sissy walks briskly into the dining hall, seething from her quick encounter with one of the 'doctors'. Lexi had only been skipping! She had done nothing wrong! For one of those awful brutes to threaten to put her in lockdown if she didn't get a handle on her mania... Sissy shivered, rage flashing across her eyes. What a bastard. What an awful bastard. Grabbing a tray from the stack, she slammed it onto the corner, stiffly moving down the line, grabbing only enough food to avoid suspicion. To her, all food was the same. Tasteless painted clay. She couldn't feel a difference in texture, as her sense of touch was all but numb. Pain was a mystery to her. Be it physical, emotional, or mental, Sissy simply didn't understand it. Perhaps that was why she was forced front during difficult situations.

Sissy violently threw back a chair and smashed her tray into the corner table. She sat down angrily, huddling back, glaring at those at the tables closest to her, all but hissing. A few students even moved away. A small smirk crept onto Sissy's face. Victory.

Cheung, Martin replied on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 1:13 AM:
Day 1 - 12:07
[Enter from Science]

Elektra entered the cafeteria feeling extremely relieved. At long last, classes were over and it was time for lunch. She quickly spooned heaps of food onto her plate and grabbing a roll, bit into it hungrily. "Mmm," she said with her mouth still full. She swallowed her first bite and continued to devour the roll as she walked over to Lexi.

"Hey Lexi!" she said cheerfully. "What's going on?" She plopped down onto the seat next to Sissy and put her tray on the table. Elektra hadn't seen the violent episode that had occurred earlier. "How's your day been? I've had a dull time. First I suffered through Language Arts, and then when I got to science, I met a pretty nice girl, except she abandoned me in the middle of a worksheet when she got sick or something. And the teacher is nasty too. I hate him."

Elektra would've prattled on happily, but her endless stream of conversation slowed as she realized how one-sided it was. Sissy hadn't once responded to her yet. "Lexi?" She asked half-curiously and half-hesitantly. "Or is it ... Tom? I'm sorry, I don't know all of you yet," she apologized.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 1:46 AM:
Sissy's eyes narrow as a girl sits down next to her and begins chatting. What the hell does she think she's doing?! Oh. She thinks she's Lexi. Lovely.

"My name is Sissy," she replies curtly, "and you're lucky you know us or I'd pound your face in. That's my job, actually. To eliminate threats. Lovely, isn't it?" She smiles chillingly. It's all she can do not to spit in this other girl's face. But Sissy isn't stupid. She knows better than to make Helen angry. Apparently, Sissy isn't allowed to scare off the other's friends anymore. Just motherfucking perfect. But fine. If those idiots want to be used, abused, and thrown away, that;s their problem. Sissy just hopes they'll leave her out of it.

She lays her head down on the table, feeling slightly naseous. Preasure is building somewhere in her head, and she realizes that someone else is trying to switch out with her. After struggling for a moment, she decides the situation is now safe, and allowes herself to succumb to the darkness.


Lexi jerks up, pupils momentarily dilating before focussing in on Elektra.

"Haha, sorry about her," she laughs sheepishly, "she can get a bit... well, bitchy. Anyway, what was this about science teachers? You're older than me, right? Yikes. That means I'm probably gonna get stuck with him later. Well, unless I can get out of here, of course. Oh man! That would be so nice! Um, right. What were we talking about, again?"

Cheung, Martin replied on Thursday, June 02, 2011 at 2:03 AM:
Elektra is taken aback by the cold anger Sissy directs at her. "Sorry ... ?" she replies cautiously. "Yeah, completely lovely." She doesn't like Sissy at all. Yet another person out to get her for an unknown reason. She turns away and focuses her attention on eating the food in front of her, purposely avoiding looking at the girl beside her.

"Oh it's you, thank God." She said with evident relief. "That pretty much sums her up," she agrees, skewering several leaves of lettuce on her fork. She chews and swallows. "Yeah, he's a total moron. Good luck with him when you get him." Elekra rolls her eyes. "Get out of here? Like there's any chance of that happening."

She puts her fork down and talks to Lexi seriously. "Considering there's an adult section of this Institute, we're likely to grow old and die here. How many people have you even heard about escaping from this place? Half of them are bound to be rumors anyways. Still, we can hope, right?" She shrugs helplessly and returns to attack her ravioli.

Reuben, Katherine replied on Thursday, June 02, 2011 at 2:30 AM:
Lexi thinks about that for a moment before her shoulders slump.

"Yeah... but, I mean, we're fine! I don't want to stay here if we're healthy enough to leave. Besides..." Lexi's voice lowers and she glances around nervously.

"Well, speaking of rumours...I mean, have you heard what some kids are saying about the nurse? Apparently, kids go in with small complaints and come out drugged up as hell. The druggies love that. You should hear the kinda shit they make up just so they can get their hit..." Lexi's face reddens as she realizes she (or someone inside) just swore.

"Um, anyway," she hurridly says, "um, yeah. Sooo.... topic change... haha, wow, I'm subtle... anyways. Do you know any other nice people here? Cause we have like... one or two other friends here. And we really need to meet more people. And we can show you our friend, if you want. You might not like her, she's a spaz. But she's fun. And nice. So, yeeeaaaah...." Lexi smiled sheepishly.

Cheung, Martin replied on Thursday, June 02, 2011 at 2:53 AM:
"Plently of us are healthy enough. But no one's ever let out." Elektra was puzzled. "You mean they just drug them? For what? They're supposed to be helping us, not getting us addicted to drugs." She pauses. "Then again, they haven't been exactly helpful in the first place."

"Real subtle," she agrees grinning. "Dunno. A few. That are relatively normal at least. You mean nice as in polite, or as in friendly? I like the friendly ones better. The polite ones never become close, they just stay nice." Elektra remembers back to that morning. "There was a girl, what was her name ... Sarah. I met her in the courtyard. She seemed like a lot of fun. But she got pulled away by one of the staff. And there was that boy from breakfast, Drake. He was a bit awkward at times, but still. I rather liked him." She stopped talking for a minute to finish her salad.

"Anyways, I'd like to meet this friend of yours," said Elektra cheerfully. "What's her name?"

Reuben, Katherine replied on Thursday, June 02, 2011 at 1:17 PM:
"Oh really? Yeah, they sound cool. Drake was cool, yeah. And we have a friend here, too. Give me a second, I'll go find her. She's in my grade, so she's a bit younger, but she's cool." Lexi jumped up and quickly ran off. It took her a minute of scanning before she saw Judith talking to a boy.

"Hey, Judith!" she called, ignoring the stares. Judith glanced up and grinned at her friend.

"Hey, Judith" she panted, practically throwing herself down into the seat next to her friend, "there's someone I want you to meet. She's an upper classman, but she's really cool. Come on!" Judith shrugged, happily waving bye to the kid she had been talking to. Both girls rushed back over to where Elektra was sitting and plopped down.

"Judith, Elektra," Lexi introduced, pointing to the two girls, "Lexi," she grinned, pointing at herself, " there, all introduced!"

"Hi Elektra," Judith grinned, "it's nice to meet you. Lexi said you were an upper classman, right? What grade?"

(Remember, Judith is a NPC, feel free to use her yourself.)
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