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 JunkYard Contents

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PostSubject: JunkYard Contents   JunkYard Contents I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 12:39 pm

Owned by a Mr. Phillips and a Ms. Rainier, the junkyard is the final destination for all cast-off objects and paraphenalia. It's contents include broken bicycles, cracked teapots, old clothes, ripped bags, thrown-away newspapers, torn tents, antique bird cages, typewriters, anchors, shattered lanterns, smashed barrels, frayed notes, crushed sunglasses, broken toys, pieces of mirrors, automobiles, ancient grandfather clocks, used bandages, beads, cables, chimneys, bricks, dominos, dirty earmuffs, kites, lawn chairs, ottomans, race cars, saws, teaspoons, urns, wigs, magnets, needles, shoes, jewelry, ceiling fans,, snowshoes, picture frames, sequined masks, menorahs, and much more.
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JunkYard Contents
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